5 Tips To Get YOU Back on Track for 2018

So you’ve had a great Christmas and Celebrated New Year in style. You have lived up to the saying “Eat, Drink & Be Merry” Don’t Panic – Here are 5 tips for YOU.

1. Water

Water on its own, water with lemon, with ginger or infuse with your favourite fruit but aim for 2 litres of water a day. Water is a necessity for our bodies, our health and our skin.

2. Get Moving & Exercise

Why not check out my YouTube channel and join me (it’s Free) and join the #LBBodSquad. Write down the days you are going to workout say Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, write down the time you are going to workout and stick to YOUR plan.

3. Healthy Eating

Don’t try to make up for overeating by not eating. Get back into or Get going with a Healthy Eating Plan. Don’t forget if YOU need help & motivation I can assist you with my Kick-Start Healthy Eating Plan.

4. Write Down YOUR Goals

  • a) Firstly write down your first step towards YOUR Goal.
  • b) What is your Big Goal and what is the plan to get there? If you feel it needs a 3 Step Plan to reach YOUR Top Goal write down the 3 steps!!

5. Reward Yourself

Having something to look forward to, that motivates you to reach for your goal is a great incentive. How can you give yourself a pat on the back to celebrate YOUR success? Will it be new leggings, sports bra, a day out, manicure or a fabulous lie in at the weekend?

With down YOUR reward or use a picture next to your goal – Go For It!!!

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