Why I Started The LB Body Co

We live in a World where we are under enormous pressure to conform to being a specific shape or size.

Often in the media, social media, and in the press, we are shown unrealistic images that we feel under pressure to live up to.

I want women to be realistic about their bodies, shapes and sizes because fantasies Fail!!

My motto “Be Real – Not Perfect”

If we are always expecting ourselves to be perfect we put further pressure on ourselves and we will never be happy; so

I launched The LB Body Co to help women all over the World to be confident in the skin they’re in.
I want women no matter what their age, shape or size to be fit for life.

At The LB Body Co I keep it real – we are Real Women with Real Bodies. I have a wealth of experience teaching, coaching and motivating women. As a women I have faced many of the challenges and frustrations we as women deal with in our lives. I will help YOU reach YOUR Goals and feel Fab U lous!!

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