Let’s Empower One Another!

Hi Gorgeous Ladies!

Tomorrow is Internationals Women’s Day #IWD2018 and it got me thinking of how we #lbbodsquad as women can continue to keep moving positively to improve our lives, opportunities and our wellbeing.

How can we use the power of social media to spread positivity amongst one another?

For example I really try to comment on as many of my followers posts on Instagram as I can. Sometimes it is to say “Well done” to someone’s achievement and at other times because I can read that someone is struggling or lacking confidence. I think one of the best things we can do for each other is to not only lift each others spirits with positive comments and spread a positive vibe but to also encourage each other.

Sometimes all we really need is just one person to say “Go for it”. Something that I may do without thinking about is something that another woman would lack the confidence to do. We can empower each other through social media and in our daily lives.

You could be in the ladies changing room in a sports shop and see another woman trying on some bright coloured leggings you see the lady is thinking and you feel she is not quite sure. Do you know what I would do? And I have done it in the past! Tell that lady how good she looks in them – yes we can see she looks great but that lady normally wears black or navy and for her purchasing the bright leggings is a bold move!

You telling someone that they look good is quite often the one thing another woman needs to make a change. That one positive comment you say can make someones day, and you have the power to empower not only yourself but others.

March 8th International Women’s Day is a day for us to think how far we have come, but to also realise we are still not there. We as women still do not always receive equal pay and we are not always treated the same. We have seen so much in the media recently with the #timesup and #pressforprogress so we are gaining momentum and by spreading positivity and empowering each other we can make women everywhere feel more positive about themselves, their bodies, their work, their lives and their value. Because let’s be honest we women are worth our weight in gold. Oh Yes!!!!

Let’s inspire one another – make each other shine – and make dreams become a reality. Let’s use the power of positivity to make International Women’s Day a Day to celebrate being a woman and keep moving onward and upwards to improve our lives and reach our goals.

#IWD2018   #lbbodsquad #timesup   #pressforprogress

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