Get Ready For Summer

Yes I know Summer what Summer? When?

Well here in the UK we have had so much rain it really does make you wonder when Summer will arrive. One minute it’s a beautiful bright day and the next it’s cold, dull and rainy but let’s be prepared because Summer will be here before you know it.

So to help you Get Your Body Ready For Summer I have put together a 6 week programme – yes absolutely FREE for YOU!!

Weeks 1 – 3

Monday, Wednesday & Friday are your Body Conditioning/Weights days.

For the Body Conditioning/Weights Days you have lots of choice and variety in the workouts. Firstly go to my YouTube channel, subscribe if you have not already it’s free, and chose from the many Body Toning/Conditioning Workouts.

You need to complete at least 20 mins of Body Conditioning each workout.

  1. Warm Up
  2. Body Conditioning     Monday – Upper Body & Abdominals (tummy)        Wednesday – Legs & Abdominals/Core        Friday – Booty & your choice of Body Conditioning workout
  3. Stretch
  4. If you have more time you can complete more Body Conditioning or add a LISS Workout too.

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday are your HIIT Days.

For the HIIT sessions go to my YouTube channel, subscribe if you have not already, don’t worry it’s free then look through the many different HIIT Workouts and pick your favourites. I have a whole variety of levels & impacts for you, beginners, low impact and mixed impact where you chose the options I give you.

Ideally you want to be completing 20 Mins of HIIT  on your 3 HIIT days and be sure to Warm Up first – I also have a choice of Warm Ups for you.

  1. Warm Up
  2. HIIT Workout
  3. Active Cool Down
  4. If you have more time you can always add a Core or Abdominal Workout at the end of your workout. In total your workouts should be between 30-40 mins.

Sunday is your rest day.

Weeks 4-6

On your HIIT days you want to increase to 25mins of HIIT Training.

On your Body Conditioning Days increase your workout to 25 mins of Body Conditioning.

Sunday is you rest day.

Be Prepared.

a) Help yourself by being organised before you start your programme.

b) Go to my channel & then write down the workouts you are going to complete on a planner, or on a calendar or on a sheet of paper.

c) Why not ask a friend, family or work colleague to join you.

d) Tick the day you have worked out on your planner or calendar each day after you have completed your workout.

Remember: you get out of a Workout what you put into the Workout.


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