Stay Motivated

There is no doubt life throws some challenges our way from time to time. Some days you do your home workout or go to the gym bouncing as you walk feeling full of energy and totally inspired. On other days you can feel like you have to drag yourself out of bed just to start the day and then you think I need to workout today – it’s my workout day urgh.

On these days we have to find some form of inspiration or someone or something that can motivate us.

So what can you do to make some changes so that you feel Motivated & Inspired.

Warm Up – How do you normally Warm Up?

Have you been doing the same Warm Up for some time? Now is the time to make a change and get out of the rut.

If you use the same piece of equipment when you go to the gym mix it up a bit. Why not use a different piece of equipment or 2

pieces of equipment.

Have you been on to my YouTube channel? I have many Warm Ups both Full Body and Upper Body so if it is your Upper Body or

Arm Day you can simply click on and follow me. There is nothing complicated they are all easy to follow.


Workout Days – Do you always Workout/Train on the same days? As the saying goes “Sometimes a change is as good as a rest”. Shake it up a

bit and workout on different days!!


Workouts – Maybe in reality you have just got bored with your workout. I have so many different types of workout on my YouTube channel

and I add more every week!!! Don’t forget when you are giving me a thumbs up on YouTube you can also comment and let

me know what other workouts you would like to see.

If you are combining my workouts with the gym too maybe you need a new gym programme written for you.


Social Media – Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, YouTube & Facebook so you can see my daily posts and feel Motivated. I also post

Workouts on Instagram too so you can feel refreshed and Inspired.


Healthy Eating – Are you eating right? Have you been eating a load of rubbish? sometimes our body is saying to us that it is not being fuelled

properly. Maybe what you need is to look at the food you are consuming.


So there you are use these 5  Steps to look at your workout programme and see which of these you want to implement to make a fresh start to your new workout plan and your eating. Who knows maybe you will use all 5 steps and brighten up your whole programme.

Don’t be frightened by change –  change is good, change is positive and above all making changes with the right mindset will be just the change YOU need.


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