5 Reasons NOT To Diet


The word Diet is used so often but there is a huge difference. Are you healthy eating or are you dieting?


Healthy eating is great because it is a lifestyle change – a diet is something we do temporarily that can cause more damage than it’s worth!!


                                                                                                  So here are my 5 reasons NOT to diet;


1. Diets don’t work. Even if you lose weight you will probable gain back the weight and more at the end of the diet.


2. Diets are expensive – you could spend the money on healthy foods instead and new clothes. Come on ladies……..


3. Diets are sooooooooooooooooooo boring. It’s all you talk about diets and diet food. You can become obsessive with it all.


4. Diets can make you afraid of food. Now come on food is our friend so let’s just eat right, good healthy foods that you love.


5. Diets can rob you of your energy so you struggle to complete a basic workout and that is not what you want. Good Fitness Nutrition is what you need to be able to enjoy your workouts.


If you are unsure and need some help my 14 Day Kick-Start Plan will get you started on the way to good Fitness Nutrition with good healthy foods and snacks. No diets just great food.



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