Does Alcohol Make Me Fat?

I am sure I am not alone when I say “how many times have we heard this one?”

Alcohol makes you fat?!?!

It is important to remember that no one thing alone makes you fat!! The problem is quite often that the one drink you planned to have becomes hmmmm…………….well 2 to 3 instead and this is where things change.

If a pint of beer is around 210 calories and a small glass of wine around 83 calories (remember these vary depending on the size of drink and different varieties) it is really easy for those drinks to add up fast. On top of that drinking alcohol can then make you overeat and again it means your calorie total will keep increasing.

So now you are asking “Can I drink Alcohol?”

Well yes you can – but you need to have the discipline to say no sometimes or limit your intake so your daily calorie intake does not rocket up!!

Now there are the other effects from drinking alcohol you need to take into account like tiredness. Tiredness can then make you feel too lazy to make something healthy so you reach for rubbish junk foods high in calories.

So the bottom line is alcohol alone does not make you fat unless you drink loads of it and then eat lots of processed high calories foods.

So no one is saying you cannot have a drink but if you are going to have an alcoholic drink just remember it contains calories and they can easily add up.

So we are back to that good old saying guys remember “Balance is Key”.

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