5 Good Reasons Why YOU Should Stretch!

Stretching and flexibility is very often overlooked but is soooooooooooo very important. Infact Stretching is essential and there have been many studies to show how effective stretching and flexibility training is for us.

Reduce Stress

Stress can make us feel fatigued, anxious and cause tension in our bodies. Taking time out to Stretch, breathe and relax has been shown to reduce these symptoms. Think about it how often do you rush off after you have finished working out at home, the gym or from a class without stretching.

We are all so busy these days we think I’ll Stretch another day but you need to do it today. Just a few minutes can make a huge difference.

Reduce Stiffness

Static Stretching, when you hold a Stretch and allow the muscle to gently relax in the position you are holding, reduces stiffness, may reduce any muscle cramps and it helps dissipate lactic acid that builds up in our muscles during a workout.


Increased Range of Motion

By Stretching regularly we can Increase Our Range of Motion. This means you will have better movement quality and be more flexible. Regular Stretching will give you all these benefits here on my Blog and enhance your movement quality.


Improved Posture

For many work means sitting at a desk in the same position all day, or continually repeating the same movement throughout the day. This causes our muscles to be come very tight, contracted, tense and less supple. By Stretching regularly we can increase our Flexibility and our movement quality. Take a look at your natural posture in a mirror. Are you hunched over, are your shoulders tense and tight, do you stand with a stoop.

We need to make sure that we stand tall, that are shoulders are relaxed and are bodies are strong and of course supple too.

Your Quality of Life

If we have Bad Posture now imagine what you will look like when you are elderly!!! Yes it is a frightening thought isn’t it. So when you put down your Weights at the end of your training, when you finish your Liss or Cardio Workout, when you end your HIIT session don’t forget to Stretch. You want to spend your later years in life enjoying yourself not bent over looking half of your normal height. Keep mobile and help keep longevity in your life.

Lorraine XXX


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