Resolutions – Do Something Just Don’t Do Too Much!

On New Year’s Eve millions of us Worldwide make New year Resolutions. Often those Resolutions are all too much and Mid to the End of January we are losing Motivation and Commitment because our expectations were just too much.

All to often we have this All or Nothing Attitude we start the year with a mad exercise and eating programme and our enthusiasm starts to dwindle because we have set ourselves up with things that just take too much time.

We need to change this ALL or NOTHING Mindset!!! Remember something is better than nothing and let’s go from there.

What days can you exercise and what time do you have is what we should be asking ourselves. Not exercising like there is no tomorrow and wearing ourselves out. Doing too much can make us sore and over tired this then has the opposite affect and we are put off exercise completely.

What healthy changes can we make to our eating? No one is expecting you to act like an angel and eat like one either. Be realistic don’t look for perfection. Write down you meal plan for the week and make it a sensible one. Are there any foods that you can swap for healthier options it’s not necessary to diet – just eat well.

When I am planning my Workouts I like to design programmes that are attainable for everyone what ever their size or fitness levels. My 14 Day Kick-Start Weight Loss Programme is all about sensible eating too.

So now is the time to reevaluate YOUR New Year Resolution and ask yourself “Am I expecting too much and is my goal too big?” By making small gradual changes we are far more likely to stick to our exercise programme and healthy eating . If you make life too tough and too time consuming you are setting yourself up to fail so just don’t do it!

Be sensible take it one step at a time. Praise yourself with each step and tell yourself “I can do this” then you will find it so very much easier to stay on track.

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