Reaching Your Goal

How many times have you started on a fitness journey only to stop?

Did you want to……… Lose Weight?

Feel fitter?

Tone your muscles?

Drop a Dress Size?

Or maybe it was a combination!


A lot of questions I know but here for the moment is just one more

How long did you give yourself to achieve your goal?

The reason I ask all of these questions is because you are not alone if you have quit in the past only to re-start later. Any why? Well that is because we often give ourselves unrealistic expectations and because we are not achieving or getting close to our goals we start losing faith in our workouts and faith in ourselves so we need to remedy this.

Firstly start by telling yourself that at times what you want to achieve may be challenging. If you have put on 7lbs in 6 months don’t expect it to just ‘melt’ away in 2 weeks.

If you have not exercised in 2 years don’t expect to be “Super Fit” in a month. What we often do not give ourselves is time.

Remember “Good things take time”

You need to have a plan and stick to it. What you need to do to help you gain confidence and keep going is to be realistic. Create a workout and eating schedule that help you work your way to success.

I can help you with your workouts on my youTube channel and it will not cost you a penny, a dime or a euro – nothing at all. You just click on subscribe (and click the bell for regular updates too) then you just choose your workout….Easy!!!

I even have a 14 Day kick-Start Eating Plan so if you feel lost and unsure where to start my help is at hand.

If you work through the challenging times and do not quick you will see your confidence grow and this in return will make you continue to push on your way to reach your goal.

So next time you think this is getting to hard, or that you can’t do it remind yourself “good things take time”. Keep the faith in your workouts and eating and above all else keep faith in YOU because You can do it.

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