I gained my first Fitness Certification or Qualification as we say in the UK over 30 years ago. Yes that is some time ago and it has gone by so quickly. And do you know what? I have continued over that 30 year period to gain more Certifications and keep attending courses to keep myself fresh and ensure I have up to date information at my finger tips.

Although I live in the UK over the years I have travelled extensively to the USA and attended courses and Conventions to continue to Educate myself on Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness and much more.

Social Media gives us a fantastic opportunity to engage with like minded people and share our journeys but what really worries me is the number of people showing and teaching workouts who have no Certifications!!!

Here lies a huge problem because with the best will in the World that person can be showing you an exercise that is frankly risky or dangerous. There are areas in the Fitness World that are not simple many need modifications or alternative exercises. I see some people teach or demonstrate exercises that I would never teach unless I was offering a simpler modification. Why? Well Fitness is not one size fits all. We are not all the same Fitness level. We are to all the same strength so we need to ensure that we are doing exercises that are challenging but are not dangerous.

I now see so often on Social Media exercises that really could quite easily damage and injure people because they are for an Advanced Exerciser. So I hope by reading this Blog you will appreciate why you need to make sure you are in a safe pair of hands.

I have passed both ACE Certifications and AFAA Certifications in the USA in Aerobic, Fitness, Fitness Counselling and Personal Training.

In the UK I have passed Exercise To Music Certs, Gymnasium Management, Aqua Fitness, Exercise Tuition, Personal Training, Step and Beauty Therapy Qualifications.

Now those are not the only Qualifications I have and certainly not all the Courses I have attended but it gives you an idea of how extensive my Fitness Knowledge and Education is.

So You know when you Workout with me you have a Trainer/Coach who is Certified. Please don’t underestimate how important this is.