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Some instructors and personal trainers forget about Beginners and how hard it is to get started. I know how scary and intimidating and sometimes just plain overwhelming it is to get started.

You think “Where shall I start?” “What should I do?”. Well start here with me?

  • I can help you get started and feeling confident
  • I can help you with easy to follow guidelines
  • I can help you with my 14 Day Kick-Start eating plan
  • I can help you with my Beginners workouts on my YouTube channel which are FREE.

I see so many workouts and advice videos on social media and on the internet that really are not Beginners at all! In fact these workouts are enough to put any beginner off because they are too advanced and clearly these instructors do not understand or remember what it really like to be a Beginner or Absolute Beginner. I do – I have taught for many years before I had my fitness clubs I then had 2 fitness clubs over 10 years. I have helped women of all ages, shapes and sizes all around the world. So don’t worry or get anxious I have years of experience and I am here to help you.

I want you to feel comfortable about exercising and happy about the food you are eating. It’s amazing how your confidence can grow with some simple to follow advice. I want you to feel fabulous.

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So, Let’s Kick Things Off

14 Day Kick-Start Plan

My 14 Day Kick-Start Plan is fantastic value at only £9.99. It’s a great way to get you eating healthily. Combined with my YouTube channel Beginners Workouts you will have the recipe to success.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Look below for the answers to some questions you may have, giving you peace of mind.

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