Let’s Get Our Fitness On

In reality fitness means different things to different people.

However, fitness is not only for the young – it’s for everyone! Is it does not matter what age, shape or size you are we can all workout. I have experience of teaching kids up to the mature exerciser. The petite to the larger exerciser. The Beginner to the athlete. We may adjust the type of workouts that we do at different times in our lives or because we need a change or new challenge. We have a body that is capable of so much so let’s enjoy it doing workouts we love!

So What Is Fitness to You?

Fitness to one person can mean working out at home, for another it is weight training, for someone else it’s running or power walking or going to the gym. What is so absolutely brilliant is that we have so much choice and variety in different workouts today that there is no excuse you can find a workout you enjoy!

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On my YouTube channel I have lots of workouts for you. I am only too aware that you need to enjoy your workouts. I have Beginners, HIIT in both low impact & high impact, Leg workouts, Abs & Core, Arms, LBD Bootcamp and Upper Body too – and yes there is more to come.

I enjoy hearing what workouts you like and what you want to see more of. I am here for you! So come and join the Instagram family and use the #LBBodSquad. Subscribe to my channel by clicking the logo above.

Warm up

Never underestimate how important a warm up is. You need to get your muscles warmed up by increasing the flow of blood to your body, to loosen up your joints and get your mind ready for the workout. It is a great preparation for your workout.

I personally believe that a warm up should be low impact – that means no jumping or jogging for at least 3 – 5 mins. Now if you run marathons you may consider a slow jog as a warm up it is relative to the type of exercise you will be doing.

Proper form & alignment

Whichever of my workouts you chose to do with me remember to listen to the teaching points on technique that I give you. After a while good form will become second nature to you. I have tutorials on my youtube channel too and I will be adding more so you can learn more on technique. For example it drives me nuts seeing the number of people on social media, videos and the internet including jump jacks (star jumps) in their workouts when they cannot do them properly themselves. Look after your body & joints with good form & alignment.

Active cool down

If you have been doing a hiit workout or other type of cardio/aerobic exercise where you have increased your heart rate you need to bring your heart rate down with “An active cool down”.

So What Are You Waiting For?

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Stretching out to help reduce muscle soreness is very important. It help dissipate (reduce) the build up of lactic acid in your muscles. Sometimes it’s good just to stretch to increase your flexibility. As we get older it’s a great way to make sure you maintain your flexibility and what we call “Range of motion”. This is the ability to move well!! So for example if you have worked your upper body then at the end of your workout you need to stretch the muscles you have worked.

Before You Start

So if you have not exercised for sometime, if you have recently had a baby, maybe you have been ill or possibly had an injury. Should you have any health concerns or if you are taking any medication you should seek advice from your doctor before you start an exercise programme.

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