Life is for Living

Life is for living and enjoying! You will hear this expression time and time again but it is so true – balance is key.

“Be Real – Not Perfect

So here are some simple things you can do!

Start the day feeling hydrated

It’s a question we all need to ask ourselves. Have I drunk enough water today? Aim to start your day with warm water add some fresh lemon juice or a lemon juice shot! Yes I did say a shot but no alcohol in this one! I personally like hot water but not boiling water! If you like ginger you can add some grated ginger too! I love to do this in the winter. It’s so nice to wake up smelling the lemon and ginger. I have a small grater and just add the ginger as my water cools slightly. Lovely! Drinking water throughout your day need not be boring you can infuse it with some fruit you love! You have so many options.

Non-Diet Mindset

We quite often use the word diet even though we mean healthy eating. Don’t diet or deprive yourself you will only be miserable. Eat good healthy nutritious foods, delicious fruits, lovely veggies, good fats, fish, meat (well not if you are a vegetarian of course) and don’t forget nuts & seeds. I can help you Kick-Start your health eating. With my 14 Day Kick-Start plan get started, get your body ready,  and get your mind ready with healthy foods & snacks.

Glass Of WaterLorraine Blake Stretching

Healthy Snacks

I find by not having sugary processed snacks in the house there is no temptation to eat them. By having, nuts, fruit and other healthy protein snacks they are at hand if you need them. Chose healthy snacks you like! It makes life so much easier and reduces the temptation to eat rubbish!


Yes let’s get moving with exercise you enjoy. Try different workouts and see what you love. On my youtube channel I have lots of different workouts. You can subscribe to my channel here and use the #lbbodsquad on Instagram. It’s free and I regularly add more workouts. I love it when you comment and tell me what you enjoy. For motivation come and follow me on Instagram here. I put different posts on daily with lots of hints & tips too.

Healthy Snacks