Weight Loss From Flab to Fab

‘Weight Loss’

The 2 words we use to describe so many things. Some of the things we say:

  • “I’ve got Back Fat”
  • “I need to tone up my wobbly thighs”
  • “I can’t get my jeans on without laying down”
  • “I need to firm my flabby Bingo Wings”
  • “My stomach jiggles”
  • “My bum’s (booty) dropped.
Woman Weight Loss Success Story

Sound Familiar?

Once you think you need to lose weight you need to have a plan and this is where I can help you with my 14 Day Kick-Start plan.

With this simple and easy to follow eating plan I will help and guide you and give you the perfect Kick-Start

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We Are Not Dieting

It is really important that we put food into perspective. We are not dieting!! This is non-diet weight management – we are eating healthily with good nutritious food & snacks. Yes if you need snacks you can have snacks too! We need food to fuel to our body, for energy, hair, skin nails and for our general health – this does not have to be boring.

The LB Body Co 14 Day Kick-Start plan gives you healthy meals and snacks so not only are you eating well you are not depriving yourself. It’s a great way to get you up and running and eating fantastic food to fuel your body. I learnt years ago when I had my fitness clubs that many women can feel nervous and overwhelmed not knowing where to start and what to eat. At my fitness clubs, I had many success stories with my weight loss clubs. Some of my members were over 20 stone (280lbs) but not for long! This fantastic 14 Day Kick-Start plan has already seen amazing results at Ladybird Fitness Club for Women in Wigan, Lancs, England. Here the member’s average weight loss was 2 kilos (approx 41/2 lbs) With my 14 Day Kick-Start plan I will help you feel confident in what you are eating. If you are not already exercising don’t worry I can help you. I appreciate how intimidating and nerve-wracking it can be knowing what exercises to do. Combine the 14 Day Kick-Start with my free workouts on YouTube and you are on to a winner! When you receive your Kick-Start plan I will advise you on which workouts you should do over the 14 Days.

So, Let’s Get You Ready

Want to feel Feel Fabulous, have Confidence and Lose Weight?

  • Put your positive pants on
  • Start with a realistic goal – Fantasies Fail!
  • Be committed – because all of this is for YOU!
  • Don’t go mad and overdo it and lose energy and faith. This is not a quick fix, it’s time to give you the lifestyle you deserve – so you feel fabulous
  • My 14 Day Kick-Start Plan is your starting point – it literally is your Positive Kick-Start to a fabulous new you.
  • Kick-Start & Get YOUR Body into Shape
  • Kick-Start & Get YOUR Healthy Eating Plan
  • Kick-Start with Realistic Goals – fantasies fail
  • Kick-Start and Go From Flab to FAB
  • NOW for Only £9.99

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Measuring Your Success

So there are times when we all want to jump on the scales and weigh ourselves don’t we? And let’s be quite honest here we can easily get obsessed with weight once we decide we have too much FLAB hanging around having a party at our expense.

But weighing YOURSELF is not the only way to measure YOUR success. So let’s start with some helpful hints & tips get this “Weight Thing” into prospective. Balance is key – obsessiveness is overpowering and exhausting.

“Be Real – Not Perfect


These are not the only way to monitor ‘your success victories’. You need to be disciplined here – weigh yourself once a week. The same day and time each week (and don’t cheat weigh yourself just once a week).

Measure yourself

Yes measure your success victories by starting out with measurements for:

  • Your waist at the smallest point
  • Your hips at the widest point
  • Circumference of the middle of your arm (if that’s 6 cm down from your shoulder do exactly the same next timed the same arm)
  • Circumference of the middle of your thigh (if that is 8cm down from the top of your thigh do exactly the same next time on exactly the same leg.)
  • Measure your chest

Fit of your clothes

Let’s be honest if you start out laying on your bed sucking in your stomach to pull up the zip you will see the and feel the results when you can stand and comfortably zip up!


Now this one is great and so visual for you! Take front and back body shots so you can compare. I would advise taking photos every 2-4 weeks. This is a brilliant way because after a few weeks you see the results.

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